Erlandson, Erik M. (23) — Disorderly Conduct DV + Interference with Judicial Proceeding + Resisting Arrest

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On 5/11/2014 Officers responded to Pioneer Drive for a disorderly subject who had returned to the residence after causing a disturbance earlier in the day. Upon arrival, officers observed a female standing near a yellow Nissan Xterra speaking with another officer, and a male subject later identified as Erik Erlandson sitting in a chair on the porch speaking with another officer.

Erik refused to provide information in reference to earlier events. Officers informed Erik that he was under arrested and ordered him to sand up. Erik ignored the officers commands and immediately started to light a cigarette. At that time, two officers grabbed onto both his wrists (one officer on each wrist) and as soon as they did, Erik tensed both of his arms and refused to allow officers to put them behind his back. He then yelled, “Get the F**K off me, you F******G Picks”. He then stood up and began attempting to pull away and tensing both of his arms. Officers told Erik to “Quit Resisting” and “Stop Fighting” which he ignored. Officers managed to push Erik against a wall while he continued to pull away and scream profanities, he turned quickly away from the wall and began swinging his left hand towards one of the officers, which returned a throw of a single closed fist punch to the right side of his face striking his face and causing him to turn away from the officer which allowed the officer to grab his right leg. The other officer then swept (tripped) his left leg which caused Erik to fall to the ground. Officers were then able to secure both his hands behind his back and place them into handcuffs.


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