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Gohl, Timothy D. (28) — Burglary 2nd Degree + Aggravated DV + Aggravated Assault/DV x2

On 5/13/2014 LHCPD received an anonymous tip that Timothy Gohl was going to be at Havagas Gas Station on N. Palo Verde Blvd. – Knowing Gohl had a warrant for 4 felonies officers waited in the area until he was seen at the gas station. Upon seeing the fully marked police car enter the parkinglot, Gohl walked away from the location to a friends vehicle and got into the passenger side. When the officer pulled up behind their vehicle, Gohl go out and started walking North-East. The officer drew his gun and ordered Gohl to stop but he ignored them and kept walking quickly until he ran into another officer approaching from the opposite direction. Gohl then followed commands to get down on the ground.

Gohl was arrested and transported to the Lake Havasu City Police Department where he was booked.

Warrant # JFR2014-00189
Charges: Aggravated DV, Aggravated Assault/DV x2, Burglary
DOW – 4/18/2014
Bond – $4,000.000
Extradition – AZ and Surrounding States

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