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$2965.13 in Bad Checks Lands Havasu 21 Year Old Behind Bars

12/15/2015 officers were dispatched to Walmart regarding an investigation in which 21 Year-Old Jeremy Scott Kiehl had taken his payroll checks and deposited them via his banks smartphone deposit option prior to taking them to be cashed at Walmart.

Monday, the investigating officer contacted Kiehl and advised him that they needed to speak with him in person at the Lake Havasu City Police Department. Upon arrival the officer met with Kiehl in the interview room where he admitted to cashing all 9 checks at the Walmart check cashing center after depositing through his mobile phone app.

Walmart states the total in cashed checks totals $2,965.13

Kiehl was arrested and walked down to the jail where he was booked for Theft.


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