3 Subjects Arrested in Connection with Drug Trafficking Organization

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on HavasuScannerFeed.com are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.

Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) says they have been investigating 25-year-old Alexis Annella Gray (pictured below) since July of 2015 in regards to her transporting large amounts of methamphetamine to the Lake Havasu City Area from California.

Inmate ID: 263783  Name: ALEXIS ANNELLA GRAY  Age: 25  Sex: F

Inmate ID: 263783
Age: 25
Sex: F

July 23, 2015 Detectives drafted several warrants for multiple vehicles, one of them being Alexis Gray’s vehicle (Toyota Corolla). That vehicle was never located. December 14, 2015 a second search warrant was drafted for Alexis Gray’s vehicle.

Between December 14th and 16th Detectives setup surveillance at 3000 Bosun Drive (last known address for Alexis Gray). During surveillance Detectives observed on numerous occasions a male subject, later identified as 28-year-old James Robert Brown Jr. (Photo Below) and Alexis Gray always messing around with Alexis Gray’s vehicle near the trunk and front part of the vehicle with the hood up.

Inmate ID: 263784  Name: JAMES ROBERT BROWN  Age: 28  Sex: M

Inmate ID: 263784
Age: 28
Sex: M

Between Wednesday February 17th and Thursday the 18th the vehicle traveled to more than 10 houses through Lake Havasu City. The vehicle would only be at the locations for approximately 10 minutes and would leave. A couple of the locations were known by Detectives to be drug user’s houses. The vehicle would be driving to the houses starting at midnight and would drive around town stopping at locations throughout the whole day. The activity was consistent with selling illegal drugs due to the locations being known by detectives and the short time spent at the addresses.

On Friday, February 19th Probation Officers contacted Detectives and requested assistance at an address on Palisades Drive where doing a random search of the residence they located Drug Paraphernalia and Methamphetamine. Detectives from the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) responded to Palisades Drive to meet with the probation officers where they found three subjects detained in handcuffs sitting on the living room floor with a child running around. The three subjects detained where Alexis Gray, James Brown and David Flemming (Pictured Below).

Inmate ID: 263785  Name: DAVID ALAN FLEMMING  Age: 40  Sex: M

Inmate ID: 263785
Age: 40
Sex: M

The child running around was Alexis Gray’s child. Another child sleeping in the west bedroom David Flemming’s child.

A search warrant was drafted for David Flemming’s home on Palisades, along with Alexis Gray’s vehicle. The search warrant was presented to Honorable Judge Davis who after reviewing the warrant, signed it authorizing the entry and search of Palisades Drive.

At approximately 3:30 PM members from the Special Investigations Unit, Criminal Investigations Unit and Street Crimes Unit arrived at Palisades Drive to conduct the search warrant.

Due to two children at the residence and drug paraphernalia and meth laying around, CPS was contacted by telephone. A representative of CPS arrived at the house and took possession of the two children.

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In speaking with David Flemming he stated that Alexis and James came to his house to sell him a quarter gram of meth. He was watching Alexis’s child while Alexis and James went into his room to weigh out the drugs. He did not know they were going to bring so much methamphetamine with them. David admitted to using Meth on and off since 1992, having been using for the past 6 months. He has known James for 2 months, and Alexis for 6 months. The highest amount of Meth he purchased from Alexis was an 8-ball (3.5 Grams) but usually buys $20 bags.

Alexis told detectives the Meth located in the room does not belong to her. Her and James came over to the house to have their kids play together. The detective advised her of their knowledge of her vehicle route and she became silent and continued to deny the meth.

James told detectives he has been dating Alexis for a couple months. He has only been snorting meth for the past 2 months.

Meth located was tested, and weight out to a total of 34.2 grams ($3,000 street value). 10 pills were located on the floor of the bedroom.

Inside David’s pocket was $305.00 – consistent to what David was saying about Alexis being in his house to sell meth to him. A meth pipe in a case was located in the living room, a meth pipe on the ground was located in the bedroom, and a used needle in the room all in reach of the two children in the house. 8.9 grams of Meth was on the ground inside of an open paper cup.

While officers were on scene one of the children grabbed the loaded meth pipe and threw it at Alexis. The meth pipe landed on the couch and a Detective picked it up and moved it out of the reach of the children.

The search of the residence concluded at 4:30 PM.

James, David and Alexis were transported to the Lake Havasu City Jail. All three were charged with Dangerous Drugs for Sale, Narcotic Drug Possession, Child Abuse x2, and Drug Paraphernalia.

Alexis’s vehicle was towed to the Lake Havasu City Police Department. The following was located inside the vehicle: 1) A black and silver box with meth residue located in the Driver’s side bumper area in a hidden compartment; 2) a Pepsi hide a can located inside of a diaper bag in the trunk; 3) blue and purple taped toilet paper roll located inside the trunk.


The above may only be a temporary place holder for the full arrest report details. Arrest Reports are received anywhere from 1-day to 2-weeks after an arrest. An arrest will not be posted if LHCPD is looking for additional subjects related to the case or if LHCPD does not want to jeopardize any additional cases that may be linked to the original incident. Please check back for updates.