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Another Female Cited & Released for Shoplifting from Walmart

On Friday January 15th at approximately 5:13 PM Linda Jean Finnicum, 68, out of Lake Havasu City was Cited & Released at Chipeta Lane for shoplifting after she entered Walmart at approximately 2:26 PM and removed several items from the store display leaving the store past all points of sale without paying for the items.

Finnicum was stopped by a greeter who asked to see her sales receipt due to the merchandise being in old worn grocery bags. A receipt from December 2nd of 2015 was displayed. Finnicum was then instructed to return to the register she purchased the items at to obtain a valid current receipt. Finnicum walked back towards the registers, but walked past all registers and attempted to leave out the other entrance/exit. The other door greeter was made aware of the incident and stopped Finnicum as well. When the female left the cart and left the store, and the associate obtained the license plate of her Silver Ford Mustang.

Officers contacted Finnicum at her residence, wearing the same clothing she was wearing in Walmart, with the matching vehicles in the driveway. Finnicum stated that she could not find her receipt, and left the store without her merchandise, and will go back another time to re-purchase the items.


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