Citation for Failing to Control Vehicle and Failure to Leave Info after Havaus man Hit & Run with Mailbox

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Tuesday (1/5/2016) at approximately 9:44 AM report number 16-0096 regarding a vehicle traveling west on Havasupai Blvd when the driver, 33-year-old Havasu resident, Michael-Shawn Anthony Boultinghouse failed to maintain the proper lane, ran off the road in a silver Dodge truck striking the right curb then stucco/metal mailbox before fleeing the scene without leaving identifying information. The mailbox sustained major damage and will need to be replaced in lieu of repair.

A witness to the accident provided the officer and the homeowner the license plate of the vehicle, which returned to Boultinghouse on Barranca Drive. The reporting officer arrived at the residence and noticed the suspect vehicle had white stucco transfer buried within the metal and paint.

Boultinghouse states that he hit his head at the time of the incident and felt dizzy, and did not stop because he wanted to get to his fathers house on Barranca drive due to the dizziness. He claims he told his father about the crash, and they both returned to the house, knocked on the door, but no one was home. The homeowner states that she heard a bang at the street in front of her house, looked outside to investigate and observed her damaged mailbox. She was notified by the witness who had called police in addition to her call, and that no one came to her house to offer their information.

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Mr. Michael-Shawn Anthony Boultinghouse was charged with failing to control his vehicle and failing to stop and provide information to the owner of the mailbox. Photos were taken of the suspect vehicle and the mailbox, and submitted to evidence.

The above may only be a temporary place holder for the full arrest report details. Arrest Reports are received anywhere from 1-day to 2-weeks after an arrest. An arrest will not be posted if LHCPD is looking for additional subjects related to the case or if LHCPD does not want to jeopardize any additional cases that may be linked to the original incident. Please check back for updates.