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Derek Baxter Arrested and dog shot after he instructed his dog to attack and injured several officers


Last Thursday Derek Lee Baxter, 38, of Lake Havasu City was arrested for 3-Counts of Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement, 2-Counts of Aggravated Assault per Domestic Violence, and 1-Count of Resisting Arrest after officers responded to a residence on McCulloch Blvd. just after 11:22 PM and learned that Derek came to the residence intoxicated and began assaulting the victim from atop of her punching the female victim in the face repeatedly. Baxter also struck a juvenile while she was attempting to get Baxter off the adult female victim.

While officers were interviewing Baxter he attempting to close the door on officers, they then attempted to detain him at which point a struggle ensued. A taser was deployed into Baxter’s back and completed a 5-second cycle, Baxter then continued to resist and fight with the officers at which point he was advised if he did not comply a second cycle would be set off, Baxter continued to struggle and a second cycle was activated. Baxter commanded his dog to “attack”, and a white and brown pit bull charged one of the officers and bit him on the right wrist. The officer removed his duty weapon from its holster and the dog ran away before returning and biting the same officer in the right leg. At this point the officer discharged a round into the dog. Baxter broke the taser wires rendering it useless and then continued to fight and resist commands given. A second officer on scene discharged his taser into Baxter for a 5-second cycle before officers were able to detain him and relocate him to the rear of a fully marked patrol car. Two officers were injured as a result of the dog attack, the third officer injured while attempting to gain control and relocate Baxter to the police car.

A PBT resulted in a .127% BAC following the incident.