Female Arrested For Trespassing After Refusing To Leave Hotel

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on HavasuScannerFeed.com are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.

On Monday, February 8th at approximately 2:55 PM Gena Brookshier, 46, out of Lake Havasu City was arrested for Trespassing in the Third Degree (Misdemeanor) at Bridgewater Hotel on London Bridge Road after she remained unlawfully in a room after she was asked several times to leave by hotel employees as well as officers and refused.

Brookshire was originally brought to the hotel by Lake Havasu City PD officers the day prior due to a disturbance at her residence, to sober up. Housekeeping attempted to enter the room to clean it after checkout time, and even extended her time to allow for a ride back home. One hour later, she was asked to leave but refused and locked herself in the room. Brookshier was given the option to pay for another night, but refused. Officers arrived on scene and she initially refused to open the door to speak with officers. When officers did finally enter, they found a twelve pack of Keystone Light with 4 cans missing, and an almost empty bottle of Vodka.

Officers made several attempts to obtain assistance with the cost of another hotel night, including Helping Hands, and Brookshier’s family but was unsuccessful. A final ultimatum was given to either leave the hotel or pay for another night, she said “Take Me To Jail”. With this, officers placed her in handcuffs and transported her to the Jail where she was booked, cited, and held for court.

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The above may only be a temporary place holder for the full arrest report details. Arrest Reports are received anywhere from 1-day to 2-weeks after an arrest. An arrest will not be posted if LHCPD is looking for additional subjects related to the case or if LHCPD does not want to jeopardize any additional cases that may be linked to the original incident. Please check back for updates.