Female grabbed by neck, thrown to the ground, and kicked racks up charges for Havasu Man

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The early morning hours of Friday January 1st Stephen James Panter, 30, out of Lake Havasu City was arrested for Disorderly Conduct/DV and Assault/DV at Hawkeye Drive after Panter acted in seriously disruptive behavior by grabbing the female victim by the neck and throwing her to the ground after she confronted Stephen alleging she found a condom and meth pipe in his pocket, and text messages from another female in his cell phone. While on the ground he then kicked her on the right side of her stomach, and made threats he was going to kill her while he was assaulting her.

She was able to leave the house with her son, and call LAKE HAVASU CITY-PD.

A records check revealed a Failure to Appear Warrant out of LAKE HAVASU CITY.

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Officers knocked several times on the door and Stephen refused to answer. PD received permission and a key from the female victim, and found Stephen in his bed where they handcuffed him, searched him for weapons, transported him to a patrol car, then transported him to Lake Havasu City PD Jail to be booked on charges of Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Failure to Appear Warrant then held for court.


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