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Havasu Man Arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage

On Sunday March 6th at approximately 2:43 AM Tre Anthony-Steven Chase, 18, out of Lake Havasu City was arrested in the area of Cliffwood Drive and Penny Drive for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage (both misdemeanors) after Tre caused seriously disruptive behavior by knocking on doors in the neighborhood and causing damage to a rear windshield wiper on a vehicle on Cliffwood Plaza.

As officers attempted to gather identifying information on Tre, and asked for the spelling of his name he began to laugh and would not answer the officer. When asked if it was his real name or a fake name Tre responded “Fuck You” to the officer. The officer asked again if that was his real name and he said “No.” He made multiple attempts to exit the patrol car under which the officer questioning him had a physically contain him to the rear seat of the patrol car.

Fire-Medics responded to the scene to attempt to identify if Tre was under the influence of a substance. Medics were unable to evaluate Tre due to his lack of cooperation.

Tre was transported to the Jail for booking.


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