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Havasu Man Arrested for Failure to Appear Warrant, taken to see the Judge

On Monday March 14th at approximately 4:33 PM Branden Job Wilsey, 31, out of Lake Havasu City was arrested at 2001 College Drive for a Misdemeanor Failure to Appear Warrant issued 2/26/2016 by Judge Dunbar out of Lake Havasu City Municipal on a “Driving on Suspended” case.

This occurred after he was contacted during his weekly session and known to have a warrant out of the Lake Havasu City Consolidated Courts. Branden was seen by Honorable Judge Dunbar for his initial appearance. Judge Dunbar sentenced Branden to ten (10) days in jail for Driving on a Suspended License and three (3) days in jail for a failure to appear with all days suspended and a $150 fine for Failing to Appear. Branden was also issued fines for other non-related cases through the Lake Havasu City Court. Branden was ultimately released from custody at the court.