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Havasu Man Arrested For Texting Death Threats

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE BELOW. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED, PLEASE CLICK OFF THIS LINK BEFORE READING. Spelling errors intended based on the way the messages were spelled out in the text and relayed in the police report.

On Sunday, January 10th Joshua James Kletschka, 40, out of Lake Havasu City committed Threats by sending a text message to the victim’s step-daughter stating, “Y U still living with that fucking retard fucker, He’s gonna die”.

On Wednesday, January 27th Kletschka sent text that read: “WTF os your problem with my kids switching schools”, “You are really getting on my last nerve”, “Get a backbone you fucking pussy”, “You Home”, “Im on my way botch”, “Get the fuck outside”, “walk down the road bitch”, “punk”.

Kletschka drove past his house multiple times on the 27th which caused the victim to feel threatened enough to keep his gun on him for protection.

On Tuesday, February 2nd at approximately 8:12 PM Joshua Kletschka was arrested at Montana Vista for sending a threatening text message to his daughter stating the victim “would be dead”.


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