Havasu man arrested for theft of property, theft of credit card, forgery

On 1/5/2016 Dillon Harbour, 21, was arrested at Iroquois Drive for Theft of a Credit Card, Forgery, and Theft after he was contacted in reference to a report taken the prior day regarding a theft from a vehicle and was found to be in possession of the stolen items and also admitted to using a credit card found in the property and signing a scribble to two credit card receipts during two separate transactions at Hacienda Mini Mart. Video surveillance footage was additional acquired identifying Harbour as the suspect.

Harbour advised the investigating officer that he went into a jeep while in the dirt lot between BJ’s and McKee’s since it was unlocked, and grabbed a backpack, and took items out of it. He acted alone. He did not go through any other vehicles.


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