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Havasu Man Arrested on Felony Drug Charges

On 2/18/2016 at approximately 12:24 AM Bryan Robert Willson, 38, out of Lake Havasu City was found in possession of approximately one pound of methamphetamine on Palisades Drive at Palisades Lane after he fled a traffic accident on foot and was detained by private citizens in a dirt lot. When detained by private citizens, Wilson was found to be in possession of a large amount of methamphetamine and over $1,000 Cash.

CONTINUED… On Friday April 1st the Street Crimes Unit (SCU) was made aware that Willson returned to his residence on Laramie Drive and was still wanted for the outstanding charges of transportation of Dangerous Drugs and Sale of Dangerous Drugs. Wilson was charged with Transportation of Dangerous Drugs for Sale, Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.



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