Havasu Man Arrested on Super Extreme DUI after Stopped for Speeding

On Friday May 27th at approximately 7:08 PM Steven M. Burns, 44, of Lake Havasu City was arrested on Lake Havasu Avenue and Mulberry Avenue for DUI-Slightest, DUI above .08, Extreme DUI above .15 and Super Extreme DUI above .20 after he was contacted as the operator of a black Chevrolet truck traveling northbound at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent, 48 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

A PBT resulted in a .220 and .217.

Steven was transported to the Lake Havasu City Police Department Jail where he was booked and held for court.

The vehicle Steven was driving was turned over to his girlfriend.


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