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Havasu Man Arrested Thursday Evening for Super Extreme DUI after Causing Vehicle Accident

On Thursday March 3rd at approximately 5:48 PM Peter James Martin, 65, out of Lake Havasu City was arrested at N. Lake Havasu Avenue (AM/PM) for DUI, DUI with a BAC above .08, Extreme DUI with a BAC above .15, and Super Extreme DUI with a BAC above .20 after he was found to be the operator of a Red Ford F-350 involved in a vehicle accident at S. Palo Verde Blvd. and N. Lake Havasu Avenue and under the influence of alcohol.

Martin refused to answer questions without legal representation, or to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs).

Martin was transported to the Lake Havasu City Jail.

At the jail, Martin blew at .226 and .213.

Martin was issued at 90 day suspension/temporary drivers permit. Booked, Cited, and Held For Court.