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Havasu Man Cited for Aggressive Animal

On Friday March 25th at approximately 12:14 PM Animal Control Officers responded to S. Kiowa Blvd. for a report of a dog bite.

Upon contact with the victim, she stated she was walking her dog and at the intersection of Garvey Drive and Crater Drive when a dog ran out from Garvey Drive and ran after her dog. When she picked up her dog, the attacking dog bit her in the right calf. The ACO was able to see the K-9 Size Bite, with the area bloody and teeth having penetrated the skin in multiple areas.

The dog owner, Mr. Wright, provided a Dog License Tag and proof of rabies vaccination valid until 11/21/2017. Wright was issued a home quarantine agreement with a projected release date of 4/4/2016. He was also Cited for City Code Violation 6.16.040 – Aggressive Animal (Citation # 134518)

While officers were investigating the health of the dog back at Mr. Wrights residence, another neighbor reported an incident where 3 months ago the dog had rushed at her growling and she swung her purse towards the dog as it lunged towards her leg. The dog bit her purse and left a mark. She no longer owns the purse.


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