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Havasu Man Cited & Released for Threats Against California Resident

On Saturday, February 20th Lake Havasu City Police made contact with Jeremy Robert Watson, 36, out of Lake Havasu City after a victim made a threats report against Watson with Fontana Police Department in California back in January, after Watson sent several messages to the victim through Facebook, threatening bodily harm and the victim felt threatened and desired prosecution.

Upon contact, Watson stated he did make the comments but it was a thing of the past. He now realizes what was done and it is water under the bridge. He has since been served with an order of protection against the victim and is no longer allowed to make contact with that individual. Watson stated he has no intention to follow through with any of his threats.

Officers advised Watson what he did was considered Threats and that he could be arrested. Instead, Watson was issued a criminal citation which he signed and accepted.


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