Havasu Man Runs Woman Over and Hits Several Other Vehicles


On Saturday April 2nd of 2016 at approximately 8:00 PM Nathan James Haselhuhn, 33, out of Lake Havasu City allegedly committed Aggravated Assault x2 and Attempted Aggravated Assault near the area of 6900 Chenoweth Drive East after he drove his Jeep swerving towards a victim. Nathan struck a second victim in his vehicle, pinning her against another vehicle and eventually running her over. Nathan then drove his vehicle into the driver’s side door of a third victim who was sitting in the drivers seat. A short time later Nathan was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a semi-truck near Mile Marker 192 on Highway 95.

Haselhuhn was arrested on three felony counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Failure to Comply Warrant dated 2/10/2016 by Judge Davis out of Lake Havasu City Consolidated Courts in a Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Criminal Damages case. He was booked into the Lake Havasu City Jail and then transferred to the Mohave County Sheriffs and placed on a No-Bond Hold.

Alcohol was a factor in this incident.


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