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Havasu Woman Cited For Excessive Dog Feces And Re-Cited For Non-Compliance

On Monday, February 8th at approximately 7:25 AM an Animal Control Officer responded to an address in the 2400 block of South Palo Verde Blvd in regards to a complaint made against the resident of excessive dog feces.

The ACO advised the dog owner of the complaint, issued a notice of violation for LHC Code 6.04.020 – Dog License, 6.08.100 – Vaccination Requirements, and 6.20.05 – Dog Waste

On Wednesday, February 10th at approximately 11:15 AM the ACO responded back to the residence for followup. Contact was made with Melanie Dee Musgrove, who failed to comply with the requests of the notice of violation previously issued including two extensions. She was cited for two counts of LHC Code 6.04.20 – Dog License, and one count 6.08.100 – vaccination required.


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