Hit And Run Outside McKee’s Leads to Citation for one Havasu Man

Back on November 29th at two-o’clock in the morning, Raider Stein out of Lake Havasu City left the scene of an accident where his vehicle struck another which was properly parked outside of McKee’s on the left drivers side wheel well and mirror causing damage, then leaving the scene.

Officers were told that Tuesday there was a sighting of Stein’s vehicle outside Basha’s, where a female spoke with Stein and obtained a confession to the crash. The female then called the license plate, name, and phone number to the victim of the incident, who then called LHCPD.

Officers went to the registered address on Thunderbolt Avenue and located the vehicle parked out front. Upon knocking on the door, Stein answered the door. The damage on the passenger’s side (rear window now covered with plastic, front windshield damage, and front fender) was consistent with having been the vehicle involved in the hit and run.

Stein denies having known about the incident the night of, and stated that he only learned of it the next day.

Stein was Cited.


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