Hit & Run, get a citation

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Sunday morning just after midnight a vehicle struck a house on S. Pima Avenue after the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, the Hispanic Male driver then fled the scene – according to the caller.

Officers ran the plates on the vehicle which came back to Joseph Souza on North Smoketree. Officers interviewed Souza who advised at the time, he was at home all evening drinking beer and watching the football game, and that the vehicle in question is commonly driven by various people – he leaves the keys in the vehicle. Beers were seen surrounding the area where Souza had just come from.

Later Sunday evening officers re-contacted Souza and he changed his story, stating that he was having trouble with his legs and lost control at the scene. He walked to his house.

Souza was not charged with being intoxicated at the time of the accident since officers could not prove at that time he was the driver of the vehicle involved.

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Souza was cited for Leaving The Scene of an Accident.


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