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Intoxicated Man Inserts Key Into Victim’s Car and It Worked – Arrested for Burglary

On Sunday May 29th at approximately 4:45 AM Ian Johnson was arrested at Holiday Drive for Burglary (Felony) after he used a Mazda car key to open the door of the victim’s 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe at McCulloch Blvd. North in an attempt to drive away in the vehicle without permission from the victim.

Johnson fled on foot once he heard that Police were called and were en route.

Officers located the black plastic Mazda key with a square push button that releases the key, which was determined not to be a jingle key as it belonged to a Mazda. When the Mazda key was inserted into the lock of the Chevrolet Tahoe it worked like a normal car key.

When interviewed, Johnson stated he was not trying to cause any trouble, only pickup his grandmothers car and go home (vehicle described as a four door blue car, he was unsure of the make or model). He was not trying to steal a car only attempting to get home after coming from BJ’s Tavern where he had been drinking.

Johnson was taken into custody and transported to the Lake Havasu City Jail where he was booked and held for court.


No Mugshot Available.

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