Irratic Driver Causes Crash then Tenses Up, Pulls Away, Kicks, Yells, Refuses to Comply, then Threats To Kill The Officer and his family

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Wednesday January 6th just before noon officers responded to a motor vehicle crash in the 1600 block of McCulloch blvd. where the victim states that 22 year old Havasu Resident Christopher Stephen Danko pulled in front of him and immediately stopped giving the victim no time to react and leading to a rear end collision. Danko jumped out of his car, ran back and opened the victims door and said he was going to beat the $h!+ out of him, and shouted “Watcha doin you dumb mother F*cker”. Due to traffic starting to backup he asked that they pull into the Wells Fargo parking lot to exchange information, and that’s when Lake Havasu City PD Officers Arrived.

Danko was found to be driving while suspended, and resisted arrest while being taken into custody by tensing up, pulling away, kicking, yelling, and refusing to comply, then threatened the arresting officer and his family. Four other officers responded to the scene to assist when the officer radioed in requesting backup. While being walked towards the transport vehicle, he continued to tense up, kicked at officers, and yelled profanities and threats. While in the police vehicle Danko began to kick the drivers side passenger door causing it to bow/bend out.

Danko was transported to Lake Havasu City Jail where he was booked. Danko’s license and vehicle plate were seized and entered in as contraband for destruction. Tow was summoned to the scene to impound Danko’s vehicle.

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