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Meth User Breaks RP’s Smartphone After Refusing To Take A Drug Test

Lake Havasu City Police say 18 year old Brandon Jonathon Lee Ayers committed criminal after he was suspected by one of the parties involved of having a drug addiction and being asked to take a drug test, and broke the female accusers smartphone. The female then called another [unpublished] individual to assist in the situation, and upon arrival Ayers “chest bumped” him, jumped on his back and grabbed him around the neck, before hitting him with an already-broken mop handle, which added Disorderly Conduct/Fighting and Assault charges to his arrest report. The other individual was able to take him to the ground to get Ayers off of him, then bear-hugged him to restrain him until officers arrived. It was during an interview with officers that Ayers admitted to having used Meth earlier in the day, and breaking the cell phone.

Ayers was arrested and transported to LHCPD where he was booked. A victim’s advocate contacted one of the RP’s by phone.


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