Mother Cited for Child Neglect for leaving 8-year-old at home alone

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On Monday, January 11th Amanda Caley, 29, out of Lake Havasu City committed Child Neglect at Swanson Avenue after she left her 8 year old son home alone while she left to pick someone up from work. Witnesses state this has occurred 10+ times within the last 4 months.

Reporting individuals include new years eve as one such instance, however Caley denies such. Other parties officers spoke to were quoted as saying they have seen her child looking out the window appearing to be waiting for his mother, and at times even openly telling people his mother was not home when they attempted to check up on him and asked for his mother.

After speaking with all parties related to the investigation, Caley was Cited for Child Neglect. The officer then notified DCS Child Abuse and made a report to be forwarded to Mohave County Supervisors.


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