Passed Out Behind The Wheel, Blocking Traffic, While Intoxicated Lands Sedona Female Behind Bars

Police say Sunday at just before 6 PM, 66-Year Old Virginia M. Hernandez out of Sedona Arizona was contacted after her vehicle was found by two citizens in the middle of the intersection of Chemehuevi and Jamaica Blvd. with her behind the wheel, passed out, over three and a half times the legal limit. Hernandez was removed from her vehicle and her vehicle removed from the intersection and parked at a nearby gas station.

Upon officer arrival and interview of Hernandez, it was immediately apparent by the slurred speech, bloodshot and watery eyes, poor balance and strong odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from her breath that she was intoxicated. When asked if she was the driver of the vehicle in question she said, “Yes I was”, and went on to admit she was just coming from BJ’s where she had been drinking.

Field sobriety tests were not performed due to Hernandez losing her balance and exclaiming, “Wait of minute, what of minute, you know I’m already drunk” while laughing.

Hernandez was placed under arrest and transported to the Lake Havasu City Jail where she submitted two breath tests with results of .269 and .258. Hernandez was booked for DUI, DUI above .08, DUI .15-.20, Extreme DUI above .20, and held for court.


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