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Peach Springs Man and Two Juvenile Friend Arrested for Shoplifting at Walmart

On Saturday March 12th at approximately 2:13 PM Joshua Brian Allen, 18, out of Peach Springs Arizona was arrested at Walmart for Shoplifting after they took three bottles of Spirituous Liquor off of the display rack and placed them into their clothing and proceeded to walk out the front door past all points of sale without paying for it. Joshua stole a bottle of Whiskey Fireball 750ML.

The other two suspects were not listed in the report due to their age being a 15-year-old and 16-years-old. One of the other bottles was Bombay Jin.

Kingman Probation was contacted regarding the juveniles, whom advised they did not need to be transported to their facility but could be released to their families.

Total value for the stolen merchandise was $50.59 USD.


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