Two Murietta California Men Arrested For Disorderly Conduct – Fighting

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.

On Saturday May 28th at approximately 4:23 PM Sean Lee Cotton, 22, and Denver Payne Espinoza, 21, both of Murietta California were arrested for Disorderly Conduct-Fighting near sign #13 in the Bridgewater Channel after they engaged in a seriously disruptive behavior by provoking a large physical altercation/fight.

When officers were patrolling the channel, they observed a male (later identified as Denver Espinoza) wrestling with a female on the ground. Denver and Sean were involved in a verbal altercation earlier in the day and told to leave the channel area. Another male then ran over and pushed Denver off of the female, to which Denver then began fighting with the male. Another male (later identified as Sean Cotton) then assisted Denver and tackled the other male. Several other males joined in the fight and attempted to separate everyone. Several officers arrived on scene to control the incident and ordered everyone to the ground. Several officers displayed their tasers and issued several commands for everyone to lay on the ground. Everyone complied and was detained in handcuffs pending the investigation.

The female who was involved was interviewed and told officers she was on her boat when the same guy (Denver) who was causing problems returned. He told her he left his phone on their boat and asked if he could look for it. She allowed him to look for his phone but then observed him going through the ice chest taking beers. She told him to leave and get off their boat. He got off the boat but became belligerent and began yelling at her. She again kept trying to get him to leave the area when he grabbed her and slammed her to the ground. When the other guys saw this they came to help her. She does not wish to file charges on him for assault.

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Denver and Sean were placed under arrest and transported to the Lake Havasu City Jail where they were booked.


The above may only be a temporary place holder for the full arrest report details. Arrest Reports are received anywhere from 1-day to 2-weeks after an arrest. An arrest will not be posted if LHCPD is looking for additional subjects related to the case or if LHCPD does not want to jeopardize any additional cases that may be linked to the original incident. Please check back for updates.