Two Spring Break Visitors Arrested for Underage Consumption of Alcohol

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.

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On Saturday March 12th at approximately 2:34 PM Morgan Leigh Frobe, 20, from Mission Viejo California and George Nicholas Anagnostou, 20, from Orange Arizona were arrested near Sign 15 in the London Bridge Channel East Bank for Underage Consumption of Alcohol after they were contacxted in the bushes near Sign 15 reference a disturbance and both were found to be under the influence of an intoxicating liquor.

Upon a records check of Frobe and Anagnostou both were found to be 20 years old. Upon speaking with Frobe she stated that she drank several shots of hard liquor earlier in the day. A PBT showed Frobe’s blood alcohol to be .170%. Anagnostou admitted to drinking several shots of hard liquor during the day and a PBT revealed a BAC of .285%

Both subjects displayed signs and symptoms commonly associated with intoxication due to alcohol such as slurred speech, red, bloodshot eyes and a strong odor commonly associated with intoxicating liquor was emitting from their persons during contact.

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The above may only be a temporary place holder for the full arrest report details. Arrest Reports are received anywhere from 1-day to 2-weeks after an arrest. An arrest will not be posted if LHCPD is looking for additional subjects related to the case or if LHCPD does not want to jeopardize any additional cases that may be linked to the original incident. Please check back for updates.