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Woman Throws Rock at Boyfriend’s Vehicle Windshield With Their Child Inside

On Wednesday May 11th at approximately 2:49 PM Devan La Joy Bingham, 26, of Lake Havasu City was arrested at S. Palo Verde Blvd. for Assault per Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage per Domestic Violence and Disorderly Conduct per Domestic Violence after the investigation revealed that she instigated an argument with her boyfriend who she has a 2 year old child in common with and then began to throw items from his vehicle and scream and yell at him. During the argument the victim attempted to calm Bingham down by holding her arms so she wouldn’t throw anymore items. Bingham then bit the victim on the arm, causing a small abrasion. The victim attempted to leave the location with their child in the vehicle, Bingham threw a rock at the windshield of the vehicle, causing a significant hole in the lower left hand side, littering the inside of the vehicle with broken glass.